Dog Walking

Animal Transport

If you need your pet (any type of animal) taken to the vet or any other destination, but do not have the ability to take them yourself, I will pick your pet up and transport them for you or take you along. If you need me to stay with you for vet visits I am more than happy to do that too, for a bit of moral support or simply to bring you home again. Costs for this vary so much, dependent on your needs, we would need to agree a cost at the time of arrangement. However, as a general guide I will charge approximately £6 per hour.

Pet Visits

If, on occasion, you have to leave your dog for a bit longer than you are happy with or his bladder can cope with, I can pop in, let them out into the garden, give them a cuddle and a cuddle and a game.

Medication Administration

Does your pet need medication but you find it difficult to get them to take it? I'm your girl. I'll come and give your pet their meds and a cuddle.