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As dog owners, every one of us will find there are times when we are unable to take our pet out for the exercise they need, just occasionally because we're away for a day or on a regular basis owing to a change in circumstances.

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I love to walk and I love dogs so that's where I come in. A dog owner of over 30 years myself and living on the edge of the New Forest, I have a wealth of experience of walking my own and others dogs and access to one of the best dog walking areas you could wish for. I'll take your pooch out and give them the physical exercise and mental stimulation so important to their wellbeing.

I will collect your dog from your home and provide him or her (or them if it comes to it) with a walk that suits their needs taking into account their breed, age and fitness. Harry in Windmill PondDogs benefit greatly from socialising with their own kind and so they will usually be walked in company, either with my own border collie, Harry, or with other client's dogs. However, if you prefer or if it's necessary for some reason, I will walk them alone for a small extra charge.

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